Participating artists 2019

Christian Hansen
Christian Hansen (Brussels) researches in his work the issue of green ‘corridors’, passages across Europe where insects and plants can stay connected with one another and not form islands. He has already been in residence in various countries, using the landscape as a narrative element for his music installations and videos.
Ella Vandenbussche and Lena Vandenbussche
Ella Vandenbussche and Lena Vandenbussche (Zwalm/Ghent) want to create a work together for this edition inspired by their environment. In her work, Lena explores the boundaries between textile, installation, interior and scenography. Ella is inspired by the design of her environment, works on situations, images and language. During this edition of Kunst & Zwalm they will make an installation that will build further on the landscape of Zwalm.
Francesca Chiacchio
Francesca Chiacchio (Brussels) creates collective performances in the space she is given. Based on her own colour and code system, she develops complex and playful situations that can be read or followed by the public through fanzines that form the manual during public presentations.
Franky DC
Franky DC’s (Brussels) artistic work is a long-term research into the phenomenon of selective perception. An important research area is the ‘blind spot’: why is this anatomical, medically identifiable point present at the back of the human eyeball? DC wants to intervene visually in the landscape of Zwalm and in doing so take a position on changes in our visual culture.
hans Andreas R.
hans Andreas R. (Brussels) is a visual artist who is interested in the concept and mechanics of the arts. His artistic practice works like a theatron(ancient Greek for theatre), which roughly means ‘a place to behold’. In this theatron, a dramaturgy or scenography makes up the play in which the spectator is invited to come and watch.
Jesse Cremers
Jesse Cremers (Geraardsbergen) is a visual artist who comes up with creative solutions to problems that do not actually exist. His work is twofold: many works are created on a project basisin situ; but he also works on his own oeuvre, inspired by and with (found) material. His sculptures are often large, but he also creates smaller poetic pieces in the margins of this work.
Johan Tahon
Johan Tahon (Zwalm) is a visual artist whose sculptures represent the condition humaine. The often distorted figures are reminiscent of the human body but also bear witness to a different reality. The artist tries to approach the world of the subconscious on the basis of his images. In Kunst&Zwalm, his sculpture will be in conversation with the given course.
Lies Van Damme
Lies Van Damme (Zingem) is an illustrator and draftswoman. She tries to turn things into stories through images. Her work is characterized by a certain melancholy and naivety, and always starts from observation and recording to create new visual work.
Lotte Van den Audenaeren
Lotte Van den Audenaeren (Brussels) makes in situ installations, textile works, ceramic objects, light sculptures and word-images that leave room for transformation. Her work often consists of temporary interventions in the landscape or urban space. They are snapshots, indications of and in time, processes in which time solidifies and materializes.
Manoeuvre with Veerle Michiels & Chris Rotsaert
Manoeuvre with Veerle Michiels & Chris Rotsaert (Zwalm/Ghent) will present ‘S.A.R.M.A. Landschapswandering’ during Kunst & Zwalm 2019. This collective landscape drawing is a succession of memorized walking on the score of mental landscapes, told and depicted by people of various origins.

Nele Fack
Nele Fack (Velzeke) is a visual composer who specializes in video mapping, a projection technique that adds dimension, movement and illusion to static objects. During Kunst & Zwalm 2019 she will try to capture the old genius loci of the village of Roborst.
Oracle is a collective made up of three artists: Caroline Daish (Brussels), Justine Maxelon (Brussels) and Michel Yang (Brussels). Oracle is a body-voice practice whose performers ‘read’ spaces vocally by interacting with them. They question the fact of a static sculpture and want to transform the static side of art in the public space into a physical encounter between people who perform Oracle.
Ruben Machtelinckx
Ruben Machtelinckx (Zwalm) is active as both a guitarist and a composer. In general, his music has evolved from soft melodies and folk influences to music with more friction and a concealed discomfort. For Kunst & Zwalm he will make a sound diary about and for the route of this edition.
Shervin Kianersi Haghighi
Shervin Kianersi Haghighi (Brussels) investigates how ‘invisible performances’ can make our daily actions visible. Her work is usually located in public or other non-art spaces where people do not expect to see a work of art.
TAFEL (Zwalm/Ghent/Brussels) is a collective made up of Neri De Meester and Maud Gyssels. It is conceived as a table of contents on which you can eat, work, write, draw and sew. By using TAFEL, certain subjects and objects are appreciated, without forgetting the constant instability and shifting of their meaning.
Various Artists
Various Artists (Brussels) is a fictional artists’ collective comprising 24 members. They use the landscape and the public space as an open studio for new ideas. During Kunst & Zwalm 2019, VA will present 21 proposals for artistic interventions for the 2021 edition. The public will be encouraged to vote for the best concept. This will allow the collective to approach the route in an unlimited manner and to involve the public in their fictional landscape.